Richard Kriesman

Software Developer

About me

Hi, I’m Richard Kriesman. I’m a Software Developer with 3 years of experience in creating rich experiences for the web. Right now, I am primarily a full stack web developer with knowledge of backend systems in PHP and Python, frontend frameworks like jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap, and database systems such as MySQL. I also have experience in desktop systems written in C++ and C#.

I work for CRM Web Solutions, the company behind ChildCareCRM, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service. We currently help over 350 companies in the child care industry to increase their income by improving employee engagement with customers throughout the sales pipeline and providing tools for the development and analysis of efficient marketing strategies. We recently finished up a brand new product that we hope will help more with the everyday planning and management of child care centers.

My current project is the server and device firmware of a monitoring system for electrical companies that helps reduce risk and improve service reliability by providing intelligent analysis of substation activity, assisting in the detection of patterns and events such as electrical faults, downed cables, and breaker trips.

I’m very passionate about the work I do and am always open to connecting with others who feel the same way. I really love the challenge of creating a working system, and want to make products that feel human and that people can use as an extension of themselves.

I currently study Computer Science at the University of North Texas, and expect to graduate by December of 2018. I am especially interested in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning. If you’re a coworker, an old friend, or just want to talk, I’m always available to chat. So, feel free to contact me.


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